Happy Gardening

  • Styling Tip for your Terrace

    Choose beautiful Festival Colour combinations which match your cheerful cushions perfectly. Your terrace will be extra festive with such a colourful match.

  • Inviting Corner

    Gather the brightest flower pots, plant various sorts of Festival Colours violets in them and create a vibrant and inviting corner. Isn’t this a beautiful place to relax in the autumn sun?

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Indian Summer

Treat yourself and your garden to colourful plants one last time. Autumn is moving in and in between the falling leaves Festival Colours brings wondewrful colours to your garden. Doesn’t that cheer you up? What about a combination of violets & chrysanthemums? Spice it up with our Parade mixes in which we combine at least 3 different varieties. A real treat for your terrace or front door! From September to November you can find these border mixes at the florist, garden center, D.I.Y. store and various chain stores.

Exceptionally long-lasting pleasure

  • With Festival Colours everybody has green fingers! We carefully selected these plants for you so you can instantly enjoy your cheerful garden or balcony.

  • Don’t plant the mixes too far apart – 30 cm should be the maximum distance. This way you are able to enjoy an abundant colour spectacle right away.

  • Naturally it is important to keep the plants well-watered. Make sure the soil is always moist.

  • Always remove the withered flowers in order to stimulate the growth of new flowers. This way the Festival Colours will last considerably longer.

  • We add extra plant food to the pot to ensure that you will be able to enjoy our plants as long as possible. Tip: keep adding plant food once every two weeks.

  • Festival Colours will flourish in half shadow.

  • Our Festival Colours are very attractive and you might be tempted to take a bite. But watch out: the plants are INEDIBLE.

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Dutch product

Kwekerij (Nursery) Wouters grows a beautiful range of plants in the polder near Ens. Festival Colours are selected and combined carefully to make live easy for you and provide instant effect. After all, your garden is meant to give you pleasure!


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